Childbirth classes for gentle birthing

For the Mother-To-Be and her Birthing Companion
Learn relaxation techniques to give your baby a welcome that is calm, gentle, and safe.

Achieve birth fulfillment – awake and alert – in a totally relaxed state of mind and body.

Your Choice in Birthing

We know you have many choices and many decisions to make for your birthing experience. You have choices in selecting your care provider; you have choices in selecting the environment in which you will bring your baby into the world. Another important choice is that of the childbirth education classes you will choose to prepare for the birth of your baby.

The HypnoBirthing® Premise

For most of their lives, women have been inundated with the negative stories of other women’s birth experiences. Everyone, from their mothers, sisters, aunts, cousins, friends, and even strangers, wants to tell them the horrors of giving birth. They have been conditioned to believe that excruciating pain is associated with labour; and because of this, women today hold an unprecedented fear of giving birth. This extreme fear causes their bodies to become tense, and that tension prohibits their bodies from easily performing a normal physiological function. The result is exactly what they feared most–long, painful birthing or unnecessary intervention.
People who are drawn to HypnoBirthing® have long been searching for a way to give birth confidently and as calmly, safely, and gently as possible, whether they have chosen to birth in a hospital, a birthing centre or at home. Until HypnoBirthing®, this kind of birthing seemed almost seemed unattainable for the general population.
Through a very simple program of self-hypnosis and education, healthy, low-risk women, as well as women who need medical assistance because of special circumstances, learn to dismiss fear-based stories, misinformation, and birthing myths; and they are helped to see birth as normal. They learn to trust that their bodies know how to bring their babies into the world in the calm and gentle way that Nature intended.

I’ve been a Labour & Birthing nurse for 17 years; and after attending HypnoBirthings, I’ll never look at birth in the same light. It’s incredible.

Judy Richardson RN
Travelling Nurse

Why HypnoBirthing® with Cecilia?

Cecilia masterminded Mamas to be dedicated to the principles and philosophy of gentle pregnancy, birth and mothering. HypnoBirthing® philosophy and techniques espouse those precisely with it’s mother-directed birthing process. She is fully a certified HypnoBirthing® Practitioner with HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method, a Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy, Advanced Practitioner of Life Coaching, Master Practitioner of Neuro Linguistic Programming and qualified in Natural Nutrition. She HypnoBirthed through her own 6.5 hour labour and natural water birth (drug free). Cecilia is a mother with a mission to support and lovingly educate others on integrated health choices, natural birth and creating a holistic lifestyle for ourselves and our whole family. It all however has to start somewhere and where better than with a calm, gentle entry into the world.

Classes and location

Classes can be commenced between 20-34 weeks of pregnancy and birthing couples are strongly encouraged to attend all sessions together for best results. If you are very near to your birthing time, special arrangements for individual classes may be possible.
HypnoBirthing® Classes are taught in a format of five, 2 ½ hour classes.
Class sizes are limited to provide you with a more intimate and personal experience and run over 5 of 6 weeks (with 1 week break part way through). Classes are offered from two clinic locations in Brisbane: BMBS Acupuncture & Natural Therapies in Wavell Heights and MyCare Health Professionals, Homemaker Centre, The Valley.

HypnoBirthing® has a focus on positive preparation for labour and birth

The course covers all aspects of birth including what happens in labour, how to prepare mind and body, what to do on the day and what partners/fathers can do to be an active part in the process.

You will learn
A range of relaxation techniques for pregnancy, labour and birth
ways to reduce or totally remove the need for pain relief.

Your partner will learn
Practical tools to support you during your labour

The HypnoBirthing® antenatal course includes:

  • 15 hours of class tuition
  • your own folder and class notes
  • HypnoBirthing® book by Marie Mongan
  • HypnoBirthing® Rainbow Relaxation MP3 download (for birth preparation)
  • ongoing phone and email support
  • delicious wholefood refreshments at class

Fees per couple

Early Bird $529 per couple
(Must be paid in full one month prior)

Full Fee $599 per couple

TO RESERVE YOUR PLACE you only need to pay a deposit of $150 and payment plans are available for the balance. Bookings are essential to reserve your place. Contact the clinic you want to attend here

Taking HypnoBirthing classes is strongly encouraged for the most optimal birthing experience. However, if special circumstances make it difficult for you to attend one of our childbirth education classes, please contact us regarding flexible options.
For antenatal course bookings and any other HypnoBirthing® queries contact info[at]encompassolutions.com

Course Outline

Class 1
Introduction to HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method
How fear affects labour
Hypnosis how it works for a positive birth outcome

Class 2
Finding the right care provider
Rapid relaxation techniques
Breathing techniques
Preparing your body for birth
Relaxation: self-guided techniques for labour

Class 3
Labour and birth visualisations
Preparing your birth plan
Deepening practice scripts
Avoiding induction of labour
Relaxation: Releasing fears and worries about birth

Class 4
What happens in labour and birth - explained simply
Common misconceptions
When to leave for hospital
The Birth Companion's role
Relaxation: Birth rehearsal

Class 5
Positions for labour and birth
Post-natal tips for optimal recovery
Baby’s first hour outside the womb
Breastfeeding and post-birth parenting
Relaxation: Beyond your baby’s birth into parenthood

Taking the world by calm

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