Hey! I’m Cecilia
What is it you really want?

Have you been on social media checking out other women’s perfect lives?
Do you feel a bit cheated?
They told you, you could have it all
The body (even after baby)
Feeling energised even when you are working a job that brings you no joy and juggling kids
Supposedly enjoying the best relationship ever with your soulmate
When you don’t even have enough time for you
Instead your jeans don’t fit and everything hurts a little bit these days

I hear your pain. I have been there.

You need new skills, new ways to approach the things that truly matter to you
New ways to feel better, lighter, clearer more like the real you

I am here and ready to share what I have learnt
Let’s get started


“Our life is what our thoughts make it”

Marcus Aurelius



Fed up of the extra weight

Perhaps since having had your baby?

You want to feel more energised, healthy and fit?

Have you noticed you are not bouncing back the way you used to?

Do you want to experience greater confidence with something as simple as wearing the little black dress hiding at the back of the wardrobe?

Are you facing big changes either at home or work and reaching for food to cope?

Want to create greater balance so you are a happier more functional Chief Executive of Everything

Need to take action?

If you answered YES to some of these questions then you are in the right place!


It’s a shift in the way you think – you can be your ideal weight healthily – all you need is sound guidance and practical support.

In the toolbox



Professional coaching brings many wonderful benefits: fresh perspectives on personal challenges, enhanced decision-making skills, greater interpersonal effectiveness, and increased confidence. And, the list does not end there. Those who undertake coaching also can expect appreciable improvement in productivity, satisfaction with life and work, and the attainment of relevant goals.
Virtually all companies and individuals who hire a coach are satisfied.
ICF Satisfaction
Source: ICF Global Coaching Client Study was commissioned by the ICF but conducted independently by PricewaterhouseCoopers


Unlike most psychological schools of thought, Neuro Linguistic Programming does not focus on the content of experience. Instead, it focuses on the structure of experience in order to make proactive change so you don’t have to unnecessarily re-experience the past over and over. That translates to you don’t necessarily have to share your sh*t if you don’t want to!


Neuro – Our nervous system, brain and mind and how that interacts with our body
Linguistic – Our words and language – our communication both verbal and nonverbalProgramming – Our habitual thoughts (often unconscious) that lead to our habitual behaviours

NLP can be a part of your journey: Right now it’s time to develop your mindset and create the successful life you are after. We provide the space for you to explore what’s holding you back, develop strategies to move forward and be held accountable as you take action hitting your goals. The great thing about NLP is you don’t have to sift through the past extensively unless you want to. It is part of the coaching conversation-based relationship and can take as long or short a time as you want – whatever it takes to get your desired outcome.
For those of you who want to know more about what NLP is and how it works…
It’s a 20th century evolution of some of the key components of Family therapy, hypnosis, Gestalt therapy and more. It is the art and science of excellence, derived from studying and understanding how the top people in different fields obtained their outstanding results. Famous people who have made the results of NLP known in most households include American Tony Robbins, the UK’s Paul McKenna and Australian actor Simon Baker’s character Patrick Jane in the popular TV show ‘The Mentalist’.

The best bit is these skills can be learned by anyone to improve their effectiveness both personally and professionally. A core part of NLP is behavioural modelling (modelling what someone else does) which means that any task or skill done excellently or well can be broken down and replicated so that others can learn to do the same skill or task.

The structure of experience has many components. For example an NLP practitioner will help you discover your strategies. A strategy is HOW you do something/anything. How you clean your teeth or brush your hair through to how you eat, how you go to sleep or how you broker a business deal.
I’m certain you know somebody who is always energised and feeling great and perhaps you’re not! There is something different between your strategy and theirs for wellness, so let’s change that and get you modelling something that gets you on track.

Remember hearing these famous song lyrics? “Anything you can do I can do better; I can do anything better than you…” NLP will help you to tap into your very best results.

Behavioural Profiling


How to get people speaking the same language finally!

If you have ever wanted to understand your motivators and communication style, what kind of role will suit you best after a major life transition or understand why you are struggling at work currently this is for you. If you are a manager needing to hire new staff, or with a currently dysfunctional team or believe it could just be a lot better this is a match for you too.
In a nut shell this is a tool we use to figure out behaviour. It doesn’t define who you are unlike other profiling methodologies instead it shows you, your many aspects of self. How, why and where you function easily versus how, why, where it is a struggle and can cause burnout (without the right strategies in place).


“A new state of being creates a new personality … a new personality produces a new personal reality”

Dr.Joe Dispenza


Shaping you inside and out

We are a wellness consultancy with a special focus on women, holistic weight loss and birthing. We help you to look and feel ten years younger and birth better.


By coaching women like you to commit fully to changing their shape, their health and their lives with our holistic weight loss and lifestyle programmes. We make sure you dump the old beliefs that have held you back in life. We also pay special attention to supporting women through the highs and lows of their childbearing years with HypnoBirthing® antenatal courses and Mamas our maternity programmes.

Mamas includes tailored coaching providing bespoke support for preconception, the fertility mindset, pregnancy, gentle birth and early motherhood. Our corporate wellness programmes help women in the work place regain their weight and well-being too.

We LOVE women’s wellness and all it encompasses – it makes our hearts sing! We choose to live this stuff daily (in a non-preachy kid of way – nobody likes a super w**ker) and help smart dynamic women like you do that too.

Ditch the muffin tops and saddle bags,  create a long lasting lifestyle built entirely to support you. Save years of fumbling around ‘trying’ to loose the kilos and take conscious action with help and get real changes and results faster.

“Only about 5% of human diseases are related to inborn genetic defects (also known as birth defects), this means that 95% of us were born with an adequate genome to have a healthy happy life. It is now recognized that lifestyle is the cause of over 90% of heart disease, over 60% of cancer and maybe all of Type II diabetes. The more we look, the more we see how our emotions, reactions to life, our fears, our poor diets, lack of exercise and excessive stress shapes our lives… “

Bruce Lipton PhD | Internationally recognised leader in bridging science and spirit.


It starts on the inside

You will develop top notch inner skills…  How to: actually cope emotionally when the sh*t hits the fan, be happy and even fall in love with you. Plus how to make decisions effectively.

As well as first rate outer skills…  How to: really communicate for success in relationships, health strategies for longevity, holistic weight loss and positive birth.

Supported by a host of resources and quality programmes you can learn how to own your life, your health, your pregnancy/birthing experience and your well-being; not to mention how to make mouth–watering and inspired wholefood choices.

In case you hadn’t figure it out yet; beyond the birthing and loosing weight,  all of this will give you a deeper connection to self, your partner, your kids, family, friends and colleagues. Bring on LIFE version BEST EVER!




Meet Cecilia

Cecilia is a mother, whole living expert, certified childbirth educator, coach and founder of Body + Belief. She has been focused on health, wellness and the mindbody connection for more years than she’d care to count. She has been on her own  journey, first to have the body she could feel confident in and then to get it to it’s optimum after a number of chronic health problems.  She had her realisation that by helping others figure out their ‘body and belief stuff’ she could fulfill her passion and purpose in life. It only took years of learning, experimenting on herself and soul searching to figure all that out! Body + Belief was born to simplify and speed up a woman’s journey to being the healthiest, happiest, most gorgeous version of herself.


From the horse’s mouth…

I really get that you will each have very different ways of doing this journey, there is no one size fits all but there are frameworks that need to be learnt. We are bio- individual and emotionally it is no different. One thing I do know is that for as long as you don’t respond to your inner voice…

You know the one that says “This is just me I’m big boned I will always be like this”, “I am never going to get back into my pre-baby jeans”, “If I wasn’t so stressed maybe I’d be pregnant already?” or “I could never do it…it’s too hard”.

You are at risk of living an unfulfilled life, one that includes disease and quite possibly you already are. It’s a little scary isn’t it how we are these human barometers of our experience of life. Disease or dis-ease can be obesity, aches, pains or any other illness but remember it can also be a poor emotional outlook on the world – one that holds you back from the true you. I am here to support, guide and mentor you all the way to your optimum.

If you think that it can’t be you, that you can’t change your weight or birth easily you are half right but also half wrong… whatever you believe ultimately will be most likely to happen. So let’s shift that thinking, get educated and get a new result. It isn’t always plain sailing. We have to invest in ourselves, in our health and in our lives because seriously who else is going to do it for you?

Love Cecilia x


P.S. If you are just the teensiest weensiest bit curious about my story so far…

Read more…

I was born a healthy bouncing baby back in the early eighties, I rapidly became a ‘sonsy lass’ as my mother jokingly says, which translates to a roly-poly Budda like baby (with a near permanent tan as my parents were very pro fresh air and sunshine). I continued my childhood as a chubby cherub type of girl which suited me fine until adolescence. I was never a sickly child but I was diagnosed with “non-specific back pain” by top Harley Street medical specialists in London, which was an ongoing problem of severe pain in my shoulder that continued well into my 20s. Through my teens I had some worries about my body image as many girls do, especially as my closet girlfriends were of the Twiggy variety but fortunately my inner resources got me through mostly unscathed.

My food culture growing up was very blessed. We were all committed foodies in my family. My father refused any junk foods in the house and I had a mother who was Cordon Bleu trained though our typical meal was always meat and two veg. I was also fortunate enough to spend 7 years travelling frequently to France to visit my French boyfriend and his family who always ate spectacular food. I experimented with vegetarianism, food combining and many more ways of eating always looking for the Holy Grail to feel really well and slim down. Unfortunately by the time I completed my university degree I had a whole host of digestive issues and still carried my puppy fat to some extent. At it’s peak I had to cat nap every afternoon to sustain enough energy for the rest of the day.

People around me mentioned Fibromyalgia and Chronic Fatigue Syndrome but I choose not to listen and instead I started to learn everything I could about living well and implemented it. I got educated and obtained my diploma in natural nutrition, understood clean wholefoods and living, learnt meditation and much more. I shed the weight as I learnt more and recovered my gut health. In my case there was never any major crisis or trauma and yet I had chronic back pain and I wasn’t happy with where life was at.

I chose to change it all. In 2007 I made a major life altering decision. I bit the bullet, left my long term relationship, quit the job I couldn’t stand and moved hemispheres.

Once in Australia my health and personal journey evolved further and I started to work even more closely in the natural health world. I realized that whether you adhere to standard medical or natural approaches in health the biggest factor is the mind. What you think and feel dominates everything. So fast forward a few more years of training and I became a certified coach and trainer, human behavioural profiler with EDISC, Master Neuro Linguistic Programming Practitioner and Master Practitioner of Hypnotherapy.

The newest chapter and by far the most fun and challenging in equal measure is motherhood. It has given me a far greater perspective of myself, the world, unconditional love and what it is to guide and be guided by someone. I am happy to share that I had a very positive birth experience. I had my son naturally, drug free, in water, using HypnoBirthing® and that experience propelled me to professionally train and become a HypnoBirthing® practitioner offering antenatal classes to other couples. I also regained my body shape naturally through my standard way of eating and have actually ended up lighter and healthier than I have ever been.

The culmination of my life’s learning so far means I live on purpose and do what I love. The chubby kid dispensing cough sweets and tissues to sick classmates has grown up and is out making a difference.



“After sharing my personal struggle to meet my health and wellbeing goals Cecilia assisted me in creating awareness as to what needed to change for positive results and a better lifestyle. I have since applied my learning’s and feel fabulous.”
Astrid, VIC
“When I first went to Body + Belief, I was a little unsure of myself and my direction in life. Over eight weeks Cecilia worked with me to help me develop my potential into tangible results. I am happier, more in control, and thanks to Cecilia I have a clarity in mindset that I did not have before. I’d recommend it to anyone.”
Michael, QLD
“Thank you for some wonderful and memorable coaching sessions with an outcome far greater and much more beneficial than expected.”
Warren, QLD
“Knowing little about coaching and NLP I took on six sessions with an open mind and the philosophy that ‘it might not help but it certainly can’t hurt’. I was amazed by immediate and ongoing improvement to my emotional state, an area I have struggled to control for many years. My wellbeing and confidence soared as I learned to give my subconscious a positive voice. The coaching ‘secrets’ echoed my existing beliefs and yet I had not known how to make them work for me. Thanks for shining the light Cecilia.”
April, QLD
“I would recommend Cecilia’s coaching. I like that the style of coaching is both practical and personable. I have learnt useful mental tools that I can use in everyday situations. I have also learnt to listen and watch more for life’s opportunities. I am learning to be open to uncertainty and the wonders that this can bring.”
Krissi, QLD
“I now finally feel as if my life is taking shape, and not a moment too soon! Coaching with Cecilia taught me that a better life isn’t something that’s miraculously handed to you – it’s something that you create for yourself, and I am well on my way to doing just that.”
Anne, VIC
I was sceptical… From the outset, it became clear to me that I was responsible for my life and the change I was seeking would only happen if I could change the way I thought about things. Cecilia taught me that my thoughts “make me who I am” and showed me how to turn my thoughts into possibilities. My thinking determines how I feel and what I think will change my future. She gave me a tool chest full of strategies and techniques for changing the way I think and consequently the way I act. I now know that I alone have the power to control my thoughts… I have easily achieved my goal weight by finding time to exercise every day and by eating nutrient rich foods. I am currently training to compete in the North Face 100 Ultra marathon, the most demanding 100km race in Australia. This was always a dream that I never thought I would achieve but now it is a very real part of my life. I am confident that I can deal with the ordeals that the race will throw at me. Cecilia possesses a wealth of knowledge in her field and she also recommended several different sources that have brought about further improvements in several areas of my life. She showed me that I am the one who has the power to effect change in my life and how easy it is for me to take action to make that change happen. I am confident that I am now in control of my life and I am excited about what I can achieve in the future.
David, QLD

Expert Support, Weight Loss & Wellness Tips That Actually Work


Bold Choices, Self-Awareness & Ultimate Wellness


Happy Healthy Mamas Make Happy Healthy Families


“My dream is that every woman everywhere will know the joy of a safe, satisfying birth,for both her herself and her baby”

Marie Mongan


We support our mamas with a blend of 21st century coaching techniques, NLP, hypnosis and practical support to facilitate conscious pregnancy, gentle birth and mothering in a bespoke one to one environment. Preconception coaching and conscious conception support especially for those facing fertility challenges. We help you clear through pregnancy and birth fears; prior birth and pregnancy trauma; general and new-mum concerns (from birth to 2 years). We can even simply help you get clear on how you want your journey into parenthood to be and how to get prepared, whether it’s for the first time, the second or beyond.

Mamas coaching programmes can be done at any time during maternity (pre-conception to early parenting) depending on what challenges are to be addressed.

If you are after group HypnoBirthing® antenatal classes please click on the HypnoBirthing® information tab for more.

If you have any further questions, call us or get in touch via email support[at]bodyandbelief.com

HypnoBirthing® The Mongan Method


The Gold Standard of HypnoBirthing® Globally
“Demand the Original”… Expect The Best!

HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method is a simple, straightforward childbirth education program with over 25 years of proven results and many, many success stories.
Founded by Marie Mongan in 1989, HypnoBirthing® teaches women and their partners to reconnect with their natural ability to birth, free from fear. With certified educators in 45 countries around the world, HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method empowers and educates birthing couples over a comprehensive five week, antenatal course.

The power of simplicity

HypnoBirthing® teaches the birthing mother to tap into and follow her body’s own wisdom. Mothers learn how to follow their body’s own instincts, while the birth partner learns how to support mum for an easier and calmer birth.
This award winning childbirth education programme, HypnoBirthing® the Mongan Method has stood the test of time with over 25 years of experience, research and impressive results around the world.
HypnoBirthing® classes are arranged for couples over five weeks, ensuring parents become educated, confident and informed, so they can meet their baby with joy, calm and in more comfort on their birthing day.

Imagine if…

Your labour was shorter

You might not need to use any anaesthesia

You feel energized after the birth

You are comfortable and relaxed during labour and birth

You experience an ecstatic birth

Your baby is calmer, more relaxed and feeds well

HypnoBirthing® mothers birth more comfortably

77% of HypnoBirthing® mothers who birthed vaginally did so without epidural anesthesia
45% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed in under eight hours.
17% of HypnoBirthing® mothers birthed via C-section, compared with the national average of 32%.
9.5% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in the comfort of their homes (national average is less than 1%)
6% of HypnoBirthing® mothers chose to birth in freestanding birth centres (national average is less than 1%)
Data provided by HypnoBirthing® Institute, between 2005-2010

Take a look at our Valley and Wavell Heights classes in Brisbane. If you live further a field in Brisbane check here




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Awesome Resources
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Real Recipes



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I now finally feel as if my life is taking shape, and not a moment too soon! Coaching with Cecilia taught me that a better life isn’t something that’s miraculously handed to you – it’s something that you create for yourself, and I am well on my way to doing just that
Anne, VIC

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